Rex Prexious

item code Rex Prexious

The pinnacle of elegance and undisputed queen of covering materials, marble is given new life in the Precious of Rex collection.‎ Starting from carefully selected, rare examples of marble, the colours and veining have been re-interpreted with all of Rex's technical skill and creativity, and transformed into highly evocative panels of inimitable elegance.‎ The design was conceived to reveal harmonious patterns when the panels are placed next to each other over large surfaces, as do the textures, whether brilliant gloss or delicately satin-finished.‎

Colors and Sizes  White Fantasy, Mountain Treasure, Pearl Attraction, Dream Arabesque, Charming Amber, Thunder Night


  • pearl attraction glossy

  • white fantasy matte

  • wall: dream arabesque matte

    floor: planches de rex miel

  • mountain treasure glossy

  • thunder night matte 

  • mountain treasure glossy

  • thunder night glossy

  • white fantasy matte

  • white fantasy matte